Blu-ray package

Blu-ray Authoring Packages

Deluxe Blu-ray Authoring: $799 (BD-25)

  • Up to 2 hours of Hi-Def video
  • Up to 10 chapter points
  • One main and 1 submenu (full screen – no popup menus)

For all Blu-ray disc authoring, the Authoring House recommends providing us with HD QuickTime files or other HiDef digital video source on an external Hard drive (Firewire 800 recommended).

Please note: Submit Hi-Def video only. Upscaling SD video will not make it HD! (Blu-ray players already upscale SD DVDs so if all you have is SD video, we recommend making a DVD instead.)

We do accept HDCAM or HDCAM SR tapes but at an additional cost. Call us at 1-800-468-9353 for details or request a custom quote.

Extras and bonus features

Motion Menu $300
Additional motion video thumbnails $150 up to 6 thumbnails
Additional chapter points $150 up to 10 chapter points
Behind the scenes or "making of" video no charge if total video does not exceed 2 hrs. ($10 per chapter pt additional if chapter points are required.)
Slide show
(from customer-supplied digital images)
5.1 Surround Sound
(from customer-supplied sound track)
Director's commentary
Alternate language track
$150 (Maximum 5 total languages)
Additional audio tracks $150 (Limited to 3 tracks per video)
Closed Captioning Not supported on Blu-ray
Details: Blu-ray authoring packages with Blu-ray menu include client-supplied music (edited for length) in background of menu. Blu-ray masters submitted for replication require mandatory AACS and must be supplied as BDCMF. BDMV folders submitted on BD-Rs are only acceptable for duplication. BDMV folders can be converted to a BDCMF replication ready master for a $150 premastering fee.
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