DVD Hybrid (Enhanced DVD)

A DVD hybrid, or Enhanced DVD, is a standard DVD Video disc that also contains additional content only playable on a computer. When the DVD is placed into a set top DVD player it plays like any other DVD. But when placed into a DVD-ROM drive, the user has access to additional content only viewable on a computer (e.g. PDFs, computer applications, etc.). One example of a Hybrid is a DVD that includes a digital copy of a film for download to personal electronic devices. Just place the DVD into a computer, download the digital copy to your iPod or PSP®, and you're ready to go. The great thing about Hybrid discs is practically any type of computer content can be added to your DVD (space allowing). Not only does this enrich the end users experience, but also adds value to your DVD.

There are two ways to add this content to your DVD. Some programs allow the user to open this additional content directly from the DVD menu. For this to work, the end user will need to install an additional program to their computer, adding confusion and stress and making the overall process more difficult than it needs to be. (This method produces inconsistent results often times not working at all.) Therefore, when we create a Hybrid disc, the ROM (Computer files) and the DVD Video are not interconnected. They function separately and are not linked via menus. Placing files on the disc starts at $150 and includes autorun functionality for 1 file (if supported on your computer). Creation of an interface or menu from which multiple documents can be selected starts at $290. This pricing is in addition to normal DVD authoring costs.

Autorun is not supported on all platforms and results may vary. Computers must have a DVD-ROM drive to play the DVD. DVD Player software is required to view the DVD Video. If the DVD-Video is set to autorun, both the DVD player and the ROM content can be open. Closing the DVD player to view the ROM content may be required. DVD Hybrid discs will work on both a properly equipped computer and a standalone DVD player but DVD ROM content is only accessible on a computer.

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