Post-Production Services

The Authoring House offers a full suite of professional post-production services including editing, color correction, motion graphics, and audio mastering. Whether it’s a complete edit or corrections and additions, our skilled editors, digital artists, and sound mastering engineers have the talent and experience needed to give it the polished and professional look your project demands.

Do you need Post-Production?

Answer these questions
• Do I need to make some changes or additions to my video or film?
• Do I want to enhance the look or add dynamic motion graphics to my project?
• Do some scenes appear too dark or flat and in need of color correction?
• Does my sound need a final polish or noise reduction to give it a professional edge?

The Authoring House can help you finish your project quickly and professionally.

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• Video and Film Editing
• Color Correction
• Sound Mastering
• Motion Graphics

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