I am so grateful to the Authoring House @ Disc Makers, because, you know, I had this idea for creating instructional DVDs that I could then use as a supplement to my live workshop. The problem came with how do I edit film (and make a DVD)? At one point I was wondering if I would have to go to film school. I don’t want to make films; I just want to make these instructional videos that are very simple and I don’t see why I should have to go back to college just to be able to do this. It was so frustrating. Finally, when I talked with (The Authoring House @) Disc Makers and they said, oh yeah, we can do that for you. I can’t even tell you what a relief that was for me. And then they followed through with truly professional services and I so appreciate that.

Sharilyn Miller
Sharilyn Miller Designs

On my end, from a technical standpoint, there were a lot of problems. The Disc Makers people were great. They are kind of like therapists: don’t worry, it is going to be fine. They really, really knew their stuff. It wasn’t just you were dealing with some ghost on the phone. (My DVDs) it was as if you had just gone to Blockbuster Video and bought a DVD. That is how great it looks. It was a fantastic experience working with them.

John Gigante

Disc Makers worked with me every step of the way on my feature film, targeted for a nationwide release. I got my discs completed and printed ahead of the new deadline by more than a week!

Ken Hershberger
Richmond, VA