Disc Makers' New Elite Artist Services Division Lets Major Artists Drop Their Label

Elite Artist Services provides artists virtually all the services of a major label, including distribution through Sony RED

August 18, 2008, (Pennsauken, NJ) Disc Makers today announced the launch of Elite Artist Services, a new division geared towards major artists who want to go independent. Elite Artist Services will make it easy for artists on major labels and major indies to leave their labels and generate substantial additional income associated with selling CDs and downloads directly, without the record label. Elite offers major artists who go independent virtually all of the manufacturing, distribution, download, marketing and ecommerce infrastructure services required to release their projects.

"With major artists like Radiohead, Trent Reznor, and Tori Amos leaving their labels in increasing numbers, going independent has quickly shed its undeserved stigma, and is now seen for what it is – a major profit opportunity for established artists with a solid fan base," said Elite Artist Services vice president Jeffrey Epstein. "An artist that has already sold 100,000 records clearly has the name recognition to go out on their own, and could increase their profit margin by as mush as tenfold with EAS."

Revenue Comparison

Elite offers today's major artist a complete team and infrastructure to make going independent a turnkey process. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services that used to be offered by the record label, including graphic design, mastering, disc manufacturing and packaging, download sales through the artist's web site and major sites like iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon.com, CD distribution through Sony RED, custom merch production, product warehousing, ecommerce processing, web site development, digital and print marketing, and more.

There are no long-term contracts, and the artist retains complete control over their music and their rights. The company offers an interactive revenue calculator available for download at its web site at www.EliteArtistServices.com for artists and managers interested in finding out the revenue potential of going independent versus staying on a label.

For more information on Elite Artist Services please call 1-866-899-3695 or visit www.EliteArtistServices.com

About Disc Makers

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