Disc Makers Care Package

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Thank you for choosing Disc Makers for your audio manufacturing.
Below is a list of offers available exclusively to Disc Makers customers.

HostBaby. Website hosting for musicians.
Radio Airplay. Play and sell you music on Internet radio.
The Indie Bible. The all-in-one resource for recording artists.
BMI. Performing rights, licensing, and more.
TAXI. The world’s leading independent A&R company.
Music Pro Insurance. Protect your gear for as little as $150/year.

HostBaby. Website hosting for musicians.

Disc Makers clients get 3 free months of web hosting by HostBaby.

A Professional Web Presence
Are you ready to take the next step by creating a professional website where you have complete control? Create an online hub where your fans can listen to and buy your music, watch your videos, read your lyrics, check concert dates, and easily share your content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

It’s Easy
Create a site in just minutes – no coding needed.

Complete Design Control
Change colors, backgrounds, banners, fonts - anything – with just a few clicks.

HostBaby has musician-friendly features.
• Your own domain name and unlimited email addresses!
• Unlimited pages
• Email marketing tools
• Search engine friendly
• Gig calendar
• Customizable music player
• Social media integration
• And much more!

Sign up to HostBaby today!

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only for new members to HostBaby. If you already have a HostBaby account or have already taken advantage of the free 3-month offer, you are not eligible for this promotion.

Radio Airplay. Play and sell you music on Internet radio.

Disc Makers artists get a free trial of Radio Airplay’s promotion service, where your songs will play to 100 people at no cost to you.
If you decide Radio Airplay works for you, you have access to millions of music fans.

Jango Airplay is a powerful promotional tool for DIY artists; here’s why:

1. Exposure (the smart kind)
Radio Airplay plays your music to a very large and real audience – their online radio stations have 8 Million listeners – and you decide who hears your music. If your music is similar to Eminem, you get played to people who like Eminem. If you think your music does better with fans of Lady Antebellum, you direct your campaign to their fans. You can also target your promotion to specific states or countries. In a nutshell, you get exposure to the people who are most likely to become your fans.

2. Get New Fans
When your songs are playing on Radio Airplay, the listener is encouraged to interact, which is a great way to make new fans. You build real connections with people that you can communicate with. You can inform them about an upcoming gig, or a new album you just dropped. Or, add your new fans to your existing mailing lists.

3. Reports and Insights
Radio Airplay gives you detailed, daily reports on the things you care about: plays, likes, fans, and more. These reports are not just data; they answer questions like "which song is most likely to be a hit?" or "does my music generate better response in California or New York?"

Radio Airplay is cost effective (prices start at $10), and takes minutes to set up. To learn more or to get started, click here for your FREE trial.

The Indie Bible. The all-in-one resource for recording artists.
The Indie Bible
The Indie Venue Bible

Get 30% off the Indie Bible cover price!

The only comprehensive directory of music industry websites – available in eBook format.
Disc Makers’ customers get a 30% discount!

The 2012 edition of the Indie Bible contains:
• 4,200 publications from around the world that will REVIEW your CD!
• 3,400 radio stations from around the world that will PLAY your songs!
• 600 vendors and services that will help you to SELL your music!
• 330 sites where you can UPLOAD your band’s MP3 files!
• 500 helpful resources and sites where you can PROMOTE your band!
• 52 articles that will help your career to MOVE forward rapidly!

Purchase the Indie Bible at the discounted price here.

ALSO check out the Indie Venue Bible here!

The Indie Venue Bible is where you’ll find thousands of bars, coffee shops, house theaters, clubs, churches and book stores – any place you can land a gig! There are also thousands of wonderful venues listed in smaller towns that have been ignored by mainstream venue directories. Each listing includes tags indicating the genre of music featured – an essential time saver for anyone trying to land a gig, especially out of town at venues you’re not familiar with.

Regions Available: US Northeast, US Southeast, US North Central, US South Central, US Northwest, US Southwest, and Canada.
Disc Makers customers can buy any regional directory for $17.95 (normally $24.95) – or get all six for $69.95!

BMI. Performing rights, licensing, and more.
BMI. Performing rights, licensing, and more.

If you write music, you need to join BMI. Now there’s a simple way to join BMI and get paid the royalties you deserve
when your music is played in public. You can register your songs and get great discounts from a wide variety of
vendors on equipment, memberships, software and services.

It’s FREE, fast, and easy to join, so go to www.bmi.com/career to sign up.

Taxi. The world’s leading independent A&R company.

Get one song screened by TAXI’s A&R staff, FREE!

Download your form now.

TAXI is the place major record labels, top music publishers, and film and music supervisors call to find new talent and songs. And now, courtesy of Disc Makers, TAXI will critique one of your songs for free, a service normally reserved for TAXI members.

Not only will you find out if your song is ready for the major leagues, you also get a detailed, handwritten critique explaining exactly what their A&R pro thought of your song. This offer is limited to ONE song per new Disc Makers release.

All you need to do to take advantage of this great offer is:
Download the submission form.
• Print the form, fill it out, and send it along with a CD to TAXI (the address is on the form).

Become a TAXI member.
A year-long membership to TAXI is $299.95. As a TAXI member, you’ll get an updated list of what people in the industry are looking for every two weeks. Typically there are about 100 active listings, which means you’ll have hundreds of great opportunities to pitch your music throughout your year-long membership. You also get to attend TAXI’s annual Road Rally convention, you’ll receive the TAXI Meter monthly newsletter, you get a subscription to Recording magazine, and you get personal feedback from real industry experts throughout your membership.

Want to learn more about becoming a TAXI member? Visit TAXI’s web site.

MusicPro Insurance. Protect your gear for as little as $150/year.
MusicPro Insurance

Your equipment is on the road as much as you are and you need to know that it's protected wherever it is, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MusicPro's standard Instrument & Equipment policy covers your musical instruments and gear as well as computer hardware and software. In addition MusicPro offers healthcare policies, studio liability, and special event liability insurance. It's never to late to start protecting you and your equipment, and MusicPro insurance is the leader in providing musicians insurance.

Review policy types and get a free quote.