MF Digital

Scribe Blu-ray Series

4-drive Scribe 9600 with TEAC Printer
now only $12,995

With MF Digital's Scribe series, all you need is a keyboard, monitor and mouse and you are ready to burn and print discs at blazing speeds and amazing quality. All Scribe series duplicators have a built-in PC fully equipped with the software needed to produce and label your CDs and DVDs in no time. This package also includes exclusive and license free client software for remote job submission, control of multiple duplicators and job status.

Here are just a few other amazing features:

[±] Sure Thing Labeling Software

Create amazing designs for your discs, as well as being able to personalize, serialize or add an individual bar code to every disc you print.

[±] Ink Monitoring System

See how much ink is left in your printer at any time, thereby reducing wasted ink from good cartridges and poorly printed discs.

[±] Asynchronous Duplication

As soon as a disc is dropped into a drive, it begins duplication, ensuring your system is constantly moving your project forward at the fastest speed possible.

[±] Job Relay Mode

Set up multiple jobs in advance. Set up your spindles with your master followed by how many discs you need and labels for each different job and let the Scribe do the rest.

[±] Spindle Select

Designate specific spindles to CDs or DVDs, guaranteeing you get the right disc for the job every time.

Field-replaceable disc drives

[±] Ripstation Lite

Optional Automated CD conversion software, allowing you to convert and store your audio files in multiple formats on the system's built-in hard drive and much more.

And much more.

MF Digital Scribe 9600 2-Drive

DRIVES: 2 CD/DVD/BDR Burner Drives
THROUGHPUT: 24-28 CDs, 14-16 DVDs or 2-3 BDR per hour

DRIVES: 4 CD/DVD/BDR Burner Drives
THROUGHPUT: 48-56 CDs, 28-32 DVDs or 4-6 BDR per hour