Network Edition Series

ReflexBlu 7 Network Edition
starting at $1,999

Load your .iso image masters from your network to the Reflex duplicators hard drive. Great for production environments giving different departments the ability to add masters without making a visit to the machine. Also comes with Vault Copy Protection capability and five FREE project licenses!

ReflexBlu7 Network Edition

DRIVES: Seven 2x BD-R, BD-R DL/8x DVD±R/32x CD-R
THROUGHPUT: 14 BD-Rs per hr, 56 DVD±Rs per hr,
98 CD-Rs per hr

ReflexBlu10 Network Edition

DRIVES: Ten 2x BD-R, BD-R DL/8x DVD±R/32x CD-R
THROUGHPUT: 20 BD-Rs per hr, 70 DVD±Rs per hr,
140 CD-Rs per hr

ReflexBluX5 Pro Network Edition

DRIVES: Fifteen 20x DVD±R/48x CD-R/8x DVD±R DL burner drives
THROUGHPUT: 30 BD-Rs per hr, 105 DVD±Rs per hr,
210 CD-Rs per hr