Cover song clearance made easy

Limelight by RightsFlow makes it easy to get your mechanical licenses without expensive lawyers or complicated paperwork.

If you’re putting cover songs on your CD, Disc Makers has partnered with Limelight by RightsFlow to make it easy to get your mechanical licenses without expensive lawyers or complicated paperwork. You’ll be in compliance in a matter of minutes!

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Here’s how the process works:
  • You provide basic song and release information in an easy on-line form.
  • You tell us about your configurations (Digital, Physical, and/or Ringtone) and number of units (minimum of 25).
  • You pay a one-time service fee and calculated publishing fees for the mechanical license.
  • Limelight triggers automatic license request via our bulk licensing system handling Harry Fox and non-HFA publishers.
  • Limelight notifies you of license and permission to proceed with release.
Limelight Advantages:
  • Limelight allows labels to be fully compliant with paying songwriters and publishers.
  • Our licenses utilize RightsFlow’s bulk licensing system, allowing for a license that never expires.
  • Users pay a one-time fee versus shelling out for expensive lawyers and costly administrator fees.
  • Covers full publishing market: Limelight is able to handle licenses for Harry Fox and non-Harry Fox represented publishers, including international publishers.
  • You can clear between 25-5,000 units and re-buy to cover additional downloads or pressings at any time.
  • Limelight offers comprehensive customer service via online chat, social channels and phone assistance to answer any and all user questions.
Limelight Fees and Pricing:
  • Maximum of $15 fee per licensed configuration.
  • Publisher / Licensor receives 100% of royalties due from Limelight.
  • Limelight provides discounts starting at 4 songs and/or configurations
  • Copyright research is included with each license.
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An amazing number of artists have achieved success through their version of a cover song. Covers provide an opportunity to be discovered by fans searching for a well-known song. It’s a great way to introduce your act, and can open the door to someone discovering your original music, but you do have to acquire the rights first. In this episode, Scott Sellwood of RightsFlow walks us through how to properly license a cover song. Even if you have licensed a cover in the past for CDs, Scott helps to make sense of the different types of licenses needed in the digital age. Click here to listen to the CD Baby Rightsflow Podcast.