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Austin CD Duplication

CD Duplication, DVD Duplication & Vinyl Pressing by Disc Makers

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Austin CD duplication

Disc Makers is Austin’s one-stop source for all your CD and DVD needs.

Austin musicians and filmmakers love to keep it weird—except when it comes to getting professional CD and DVD replication packages. Then they like to do what musicians and filmmakers all over the country do - they turn to Disc Makers.

If you need CDs for your next gig at Stubb’s, Antone’s, Emo’s, the Continental, the Parish, or the Mohawk — or if you’re planning on shopping your CD around at SXSW — or a University of Texas at Austin student in a band, no one offers better prices, faster turn times, or higher quality discs than the original Disc Makers. And if you’re a filmmaker looking to get screeners for SXSW, the Austin Film Festival, Other Worlds Austin, or Fantastic Fest, Disc Makers has the DVD duplication and replication packaging you need.

Why Disc Makers? Maybe it’s because we offer the very best CD duplication, DVD replication, and vinyl pressing around. Maybe it’s because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Or because you can get your discs in as fast as one business day. Or because we offer 2-day shipping on all orders. Or because we have the friendliest customer service reps in the business. Perhaps it’s because we offer all of the above at the guaranteed lowest price. All of that adds up to one thing: No one delivers faster or better CD or DVD replication to the Austin area than Disc Makers.

Need more time to explore your options? Just download the newest Disc Makers catalog or give one of our Product Specialists a call at 1-800-468-9353 to discuss your next project. Ready to order? Get started now!

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