Disc Makers Releases New Indie Music Promotion Guide

"10 Effective Promotional Strategies" explores low-cost promotional ideas to help independent musicians get their music noticed

May 7, 2012, (Pennsauken, NJ) Disc Makers has teamed up with the authors of the acclaimed Indie Band Survival Guide to produce its latest guide entitled: 10 Effective Strategies to Get Your Music Noticed: Promotional strategies for independent musicians. Authors Randy Chertkwo and Jason Feehan share dozens of ideas, step-by-step instructions and links to resources devoted to helping indie musicians get their music noticed.

Disc Makers released this guide as part of its library of white papers focusing on creative and useful marketing advice for the indie artist, who also has to act as business manager, promotional genius, and marketing specialist. 10 Effective Strategies to Get Your Music Noticed lays out a promotional game plan filled with actionable, low-cost promotional approaches for the intrepid DIY music artist to employ immediately. Strategies include Standing Out, Piggybacking, Multitasking, Engaging Your Audience, Assembling Street Teams, and The Alternative Gig Strategy.

Billboard magazine calls Chertkow and Feehan "the ideal mentors for aspiring indie musicians who want to navigate an ever-changing music industry."

"Everything about successful marketing starts from knowing your audience," says Chertkow. "Who are you targeting? What else do they listen to? Where do they hang out online? Once you know who they are, you can use these 10 strategies to get noticed with little or no money."

Disc Makers, the nation's largest CD and DVD manufacturer, maintains Echoes, a DIY music blog, and has published over a dozen guides aimed at helping musicians sustain their own careers, including a new "Home Studio Series" that explores multiple topics related to outfitting and recording in a home studio.

In addition to the Indie Band Survival Guide, Chertkow and Feehan have written blog posts for Echoes and penned Planning Your Album From Beginning to End, another free guide from Disc Makers that's chock full of advice, check lists, and additional resources.

About Disc Makers

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