Disc Makers’ Partner Program Terms & Conditions

Partner Program Eligibility

The Disc Makers Partner Program is open to any studio, mastering house, video facility or other company that has a valid reseller tax certificate and is involved with the production of CDs and DVDs for their clients. The program is available for partners residing in the United States or Canada only.

Terms of Agreement

The term of this Partner Program agreement commences upon Disc Makers’ acceptance of the Partner’s enrollment application. Either party may terminate this agreement and a Partner’s participation in the program at any time, with or without cause, with notice thereafter in writing via mail or email. Partner referrals accepted prior to termination shall continue to be covered by this agreement.

Basic Agreements

Disc Makers agrees to:

  • Pay a Partner a referral commission after the 25th lifetime referral of new CD and DVD manufacturing orders of 100 units or more, under the rates and terms described below.

Partner agrees to:

  • Refer clients to Disc Makers for CD and DVD manufacturing by methods listed below in the Partner Referrals section.
  • Provide and maintain on file with Disc Makers the current Partner address and other contact information, including Partner’s federal tax identification number.

Partner Referrals

Partner must notify Disc Makers of a qualifying referred project before payment is completed (in the case of online orders: before checkout). To register or track a customer referral’s order, see Disc Makers My Account/Partner Panel/Submit or View Referrals. Online self service referrals must meet the minimum order requirements and have the Partner CT# properly entered in the Partner field on the electronic IPR form to be accepted. Because of the online, automated process of all self service orders, referrals cannot be submitted once payment is made or checkout is completed.

A Partner may use one of the following methods to register a client referral and must provide Disc Makers with accurate client referral contact and project information:

  • PREFERRED: Online Self service orders need your Partner CT# entered on the electronic IPR form. Provide that number to all referrals. Your unique CT# can be found in the MyAccount area.
  • Via Disc Makers My Account/Partner Panel/Submit or View Referrals.

Referrals are also accepted via written confirmation from the Partner’s client when properly noted on accepted quotes and orders.

Each project requires a separate referral from the Partner or client. Partners and clients are not automatically linked together based upon past referrals. Disc Makers reserves the exclusive right to determine commission payouts to those projects in which two or more Partners are claiming a referral for the same project. Only one commission will be paid per referral.

A Partner shall be entitled to a referral commission for client projects referred after the 25 project referral minimum is satisfied. A Partner shall not be due a referral commission until 25 referrals have been completed, produced and paid in full.

A Partner can view client projects referred, including which client projects are linked to the Partner and the project’s status, by visiting discmakers.com/myaccount. It is the Partners’ responsibility to track referral projects (including whether the project is linked to Partner under the Partner Program), and to notify Disc Makers within 30 days of any claimed errors or discrepancies. Disc Makers is not responsible for any referrals that are not linked to a Partner for any reason, without limitation including any inaccurate information provided by the Partner and/or the client such as incorrect client names or contact information.

A Partner shall upload the master via the Master Uploader App. A Partner can provide their unique CT# in the Master Uploader app when uploading client’s master.

Referral Commissions

Disc Makers will pay a referral commission for each client’s qualified project accepted under the Partner Program via the methods described herein. Referral commissions are not paid for CD or DVD re-orders, or for any other non-disc manufacturing orders (such as hardware or consumable orders). Referral commissions are not paid for vinyl manufacturing jobs. Referral commissions are also not paid in combination with any other Partner discounts or special offers. Maximum commission paid out per order is $300.

Referral commissions are paid as follows based upon the number of qualified referrals made by a Partner during the term of this agreement on receipts collected (excluding tax and freight):

Effective January 1, 2019, our partner program is changing.

Gold Partner Expires December 31, 2018 0% of applicable order value
Platinum Partner Expires December 31, 2018 0% of applicable order value
Diamond Partner Begins on January 1, 2019 25 referrals to now qualify for 6%

Payment Procedures and Forfeitures

Disc Makers will issue a confirmation via the Partner’s email address on record within five (5) days after the completion of the qualified order linked to Partner. The referral commission check will be sent to the Partner’s address listed if the Partner confirms receipt of Disc Makers’ confirmation email within twenty-one (21) days. Disc Makers reserves the right to set a minimum payment threshold – whereby checks will be sent after the minimum payment threshold has been reached.

The Partner must respond to confirm the Partner’s address and contact information or to update the information accordingly. Disc Makers will only issue a check and mail it to the Partner’s confirmed address. The payable check information must match the supplied tax information.

If the Partner does not respond to the confirmation email within twenty-one (21) days, a letter will be sent to the Partner’s postal address on record via first class mail requiring written or online confirmation of the delivery address. Failure of the Partner to contact Disc Makers within fourteen (14) days of mailing shall result in an automatic forfeiture of the referral commission and termination of Partner status for all future and outstanding orders. Partners can reactivate their status by contacting Disc Makers updating their account. At its option, Disc Makers may also make one attempt to reach the Partner by phone. Partners will have to reapply to the Disc Makers Partner Program to qualify for future referrals.

Inquiries regarding checks sent to previously confirmed addresses, but not received by the Partner, should be called in to 800-468-9353. Disc Makers will reissue replacement checks after thirty days and confirmation that the check has not been paid. The cost of a stop payment order will be deducted from the commission if Partner’s address confirmation was inaccurate.

Partner Information Changes

It is the Partner’s responsibility to notify Disc Makers of any changes in business name, contacts, address, phone or email. Disc Makers will send all correspondence to the most recent information provided by the Partner and will not responsible for outdated account information.

Without limiting either party’s right to terminate this agreement at any time, please take note that Disc Makers will also initiate Partner termination action if the Partner fails to respond to any confirmation emails, letters and/or phone calls in a timely fashion.


The terms and conditions of the Disc Makers’ Partner Program are subject to change and termination without notice, except for referral projects accepted by Disc Makers prior to the effective date of such changes or termination. Any changes to the terms of Partner Program on the Disc Makers’ website shall be deemed adequate and full notice to all Partners. The terms hereof cannot be modified except through this website or a writing signed by the President of Disc Makers.

This agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of New Jersey, and unless Disc Makers elects otherwise, any dispute under this agreement shall be resolved only in the courts located in the State of New Jersey to which jurisdiction all Partners hereby submit.

Last updated 12/1/18.