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Case studies & cover samples

Escuela Vieja by Luis Mangual y su Conjunto Mangual

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Luis Mangual y su Conjunto Mangual

The design of this 4 Panel Digipak was based on Luis’ description of the music as "hot, earthy, a dancer's delight." Our designer was inspired by the title Escuela Vieja, which translates to "Old School," and alludes to swing music that took Luis back to his young days. Once our designer found the image of the dancer in our stock image library, he knew what he wanted to do. By using dramatic cropping and focusing on the patterns in the dancer's dress, our designer was able to capture the celebration of dance and music.

Luis Mangual y su Conjunto Mangual

The type treatment was inspired by old 60's albums. Strong fonts and contrasting colors helped the text to pop against the bold patterns of the dress. As a final touch, our designer added a worn paper texture, which tied all the panels together.​

Luis Mangual y su Conjunto Mangual