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Disc Makers vs. NationWide Disc

Why you should choose Disc Makers for your disc manufacturing

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Disc Makers vs. NationWide Disc

Disc Makers has been in business since 1946. We are a company of musicians, writers, filmmakers and artists just like you. We manufacture our discs in-house from start to finish, 50 feet from where the president of our company sits. And we are proudly made in the USA.

If you’re deciding between Disc Makers and NationWide Disc for your disc manufacturing needs, the chart below should help give you a good sense of how we stack up.

Price Match yes

We offer a Low Price Promise


Their Low Price Pledge does not offer to price match

Guaranteed Turn Time yes no

“...please note that all production and delivery times ARE NOT CONTRACTUAL and no turnaround time can be guaranteed”†

Satisfaction Guarantee yes

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We’ve been delighting customers since 1946!


“NationWide does not guarantee color in any way. If color accuracy is important to you then we recommend that you choose another vendor for your project” †

In-House Printing & Manufacturing yes

All manufacturing is done in our NJ plant to allow for the highest product quality


They are brokers who outsource your order to another CD manufacturer

Instant Online Custom Quote yes

Check out our online quoter


They will email your quote

Offers To Sell & Distribute Your Music Digitally
Learn more about our distribution options

Smooth and easy integration to worldwide distribution through our partner CD Baby


†  NationWide Disc terms & conditions *All information accurate as of 5/1/17

** Please refer to our pricing page for the most current vinyl turn time.

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