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ReflexBlu XS Blu-ray Duplicator

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ReflexBlu XS Blu-ray Duplicator
ReflexBlu XS Blu-ray Duplicator Specs

The most affordable Blu-ray duplicator ever! One Blu-ray drive, one huge hard-drive, amazing savings and endless duplication possibilities. Store your Blu-ray, DVD or CD projects to the internal hard drive and duplicate them at your convenience or hook it up to you computer to burn Blu-ray discs and more directly from your PC. Get on top of this exciting new media without breaking the bank with the ReflexBlu XS.

Item # DUP010-10077
Throughput 2 full Blu-ray Discs per hour, 8 full DVDs per hour, 14 full CDs per hour
Blu-ray write speeds BD-R: 6X, BD-R (DL): 4X, BD-RE/-RE (DL): 2X
CD/DVD write speeds DVD+R/-R: 16X, DVD+R/-R (DL): 4X, DVD+RW: 8X, DVD-RW: 6X CD-R: 40X, CD-RW: 24X
System requirements Standalone system; PC hosting optional with USB connect
USB 3.0 connect Allows one drive from the duplicator to be used as an external BD/DVD/CD drive when connected to your PC, with transfer speeds up to 4.6 Gigabytes per second.
Warranty One-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and one-year FREE technical support
Hard drive 500GB, 7200 RPM
Extended warranty $59
48 hour replacement service $199.50
Media compatability Burns all media brands, BD-R, BD-R DL, CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD-DL
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