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Reflex X5 Pro CD/DVD Duplicator

Duplicate directly from disc-to disc or from internal hard drive, up to 120 DVD-Rs or 225 CD-Rs per hour on fifteen blazingly-fast 20x DVD-R/48x CD-R drives

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1 to 15 CD/DVD Duplicator
Reflex X5 Pro CD/DVD Duplicator Specs

Perfect for any situation where you need to quickly duplicate a large quantity of discs, every Reflex X5 Pro is equipped with unparalleled hard drive capacity, the fastest DVD and CD drives on the planet, and a powerful, all-in-one interface that eliminates the need for a computer. With its compact size and rugged engineering, the Reflex X5 Pro is ready to take on all your duplication needs — in the studio, the office, or on the road.

Featuring lockable casters for easy movement, 15 writable DVD/CD drives, a removable 500 GB hard drive and standard USB 2.0, the Reflex X5 is perfect for duplicating vast quantities of DVDs and CDs in minutes, in any environment

Item # DUP010-10065
Drives One CD/DVD/DVD DL read-only drive, Fifteen 24x DVD±R/48x CD-R/8x DVD±R DL burner drives
Write speeds DVD-R: 20x max., DVD+R: 20x max., DVD-R DL: 8x max., DVD+R9 (DL): 8x max., CD-R: 48x max.
Throughput 120 DVD±Rs per hr, 225 CD-Rs per hr
Hard-drive 500 GB removable hard-drive with partitioning capability
System requirements Standalone system; No host PC needed
USB 2.0 connect Included
  • Load & Copy - start burning while your master is still loading
  • Dynamic smart positioning capabilities for your hard drive
  • Gigantic 500GB hard drive stores nearly 100 full DVDs
  • No computer needed! User-friendly interface handles all your needs
  • 6 powerful industrial-grade cooling fans, standard
  • Side-by-side 18-bay case brings 15-burner performance to a compact and easily-transported size
  • Shock-resistant construction and heavy-duty locking casters
  • Dual power supply
Warranty One-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and one-year FREE tech support
Extended warranty Add $150
48 hour replacement service Add $405/yr.
Media compatability Burns all media brands, CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD-DL
Free Ultra Media starter kit included!
Blank CDs and DVDs

The finest blank media available

Grade-A CDs and DVDs for professional duplication