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Reflex X5 Pro Daisy Chain CD/DVD Duplicator

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CD/DVD Duplicator Tower
Reflex X5 Pro Daisy Chain CD/DVD Duplicator Specs

Designed for maximum output, our Reflex Daisy Chain Series duplicators can be linked together for large duplication jobs. Connect as many as 200 towers and control them all with one interface.

Perfect for any situation where you need to quickly duplicate a large quantity of discs, every Reflex X5 Pro Daisy Chain is equipped with unparalleled hard drive capacity, the fastest DVD and CD drives on the planet, and a powerful, all-in-one interface that eliminates the need for a computer. With its compact size and rugged engineering, the Reflex X5 Pro Daisy Chain is ready to take on all your duplication needs — in the studio, the office, or on the road.

Featuring lockable casters for easy movement, 15 writable DVD/CD drives and a removable 500 GB hard drive, the Reflex X5 is perfect for duplicating vast quantities of DVDs and CDs in minutes, in any environment.

Item # DUP010-10076
Drives One CD/DVD/DVD DL read-only drive; Fifteen 20x DVD±R/48x CD-R/8x DVD±R DL burner drives
Write speeds DVD-R: 20x max., DVD+R: 20x max., DVD-R DL: 8x max., DVD+R9 (DL): 8x max., CD-R: 48x max.
Throughput 120 DVD±Rs per hr, 225 CD-Rs per hr
Hard-drive 500 GB, removable
System requirements Standalone system; No host PC needed
USB 2.0 connect Not available with Daisy Chain series duplicators
Exclusive features
  • Load & Copy — start burning while your master is still loading
  • Dynamic smart positioning capabilities for your hard drive
  • Gigantic 500GB hard drive stores nearly 100 full DVDs
  • No computer needed! User-friendly interface handles all your needs
  • 6 powerful industrial-grade cooling fans, standard
  • Side-by-side 18-bay case brings 15-burner performance to a compact and easily-transported size
  • Shock-resistant construction and heavy-duty locking casters
  • Dual power supply
Warranty One-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and one year FREE tech support
Extended warranty Add $150
48 hour replacement service Add $405/yr.
Media compatability Burns all media brands, CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD-DL
Blank CDs and DVDs

The finest blank media available

Grade-A CDs and DVDs for professional duplication