Reflex Series

"The Reflex Series of duplicators from Disc Makers has been re-engineered with NEC 16x DVD/48x CD writers, an all-new controller with a 128MB buffer, the ability to rename files stored within the hard disk and separate user accounts with password protection. The prices have also been revamped with the single-drive Reflex 1 now at $299, dual-drive Reflex 2 at $549 and the 10-drive Reflex 10 at $1,290. The Reflex 2 can duplicate up to 16 DVD+-Rs per hour or up to 150 CD-Rs per hour. The units come with 100 free Disc Makers Ultra 52x CDs or 50 16x DVDs, plus discounted pricing on future blank media purchases and free technical support for one year."
Mix Magazine

"The Disc Makers Reflex tower duplicator has added two brand-new models: the versatile two-drive Reflex2 and powerful 10-drive Reflex 10. All the popular Reflex systems have been re-engineered with new state-of-the-art NEC 16x DVD/48x CD writers, a new controller that offers a large 128 meg buffer plus features such as ability to rename files stored within the hard disk and separate use accounts with password protection. The Reflex duplicator line now features duplicators with one, two, four, seven, and ten drives, and duplicate up to 80 DVDs or 150 CDs per hour. All Reflex duplicators provide a solution for a complete standalone manual duplicator."
SCN Magazine

"Disc Makers offers the ReflexAuto8 automated tower duplicator for high-volume duplication with minimal interaction. The ReflexAuto series uses a robotic arm to change discs after duplication sessions. The AutoReflex8 can deliver up to 32 DVD-Rs per hour and 48 CD-Rs per hour. Both models offer dual-layer DVD duplication capabilities and free lifetime technical support."
Church Production Magazine

"Looking to step up your reproduction game? No, we’re not talking about learning some new pick-up lines; we’re talking about churning out CDs/DVDs by the bulk on your own. The ReflexAuto3 duplicates 18 DVD-Rs or 26 CD-Rs per hour. With a capacity of 100 discs and a robotic arm to do all your heavy lifting for you, you finally have an excuse to sit there and do nothing more often than you already do."
EQ Magazine