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Bring your EP, LP, or mixtape to fruition with the leading CD manufacturer for independent hip-hop artists and beat makers.

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Born at a small party in the Bronx

Hip-hop music has evolved into a movement that captures eardrums and hearts alike. Influenced by and influencing practically every music genre out there, this melting pot of sound has transformed into one of the world's most powerful cultures today. Many hip-hop acts (Jay Z and Dom Kennedy, to name a couple) started out as independent music artists, rising from underground roots to household names. With Disc Makers, you can let your inner beat maker shine to reach your goals as an independent artist and make your mark on the hip-hop community.

Disc Makers has been helping independent hip-hop and rap musicians release their music since back in the day. Hip-hop and rap remain our most popular genres.

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CD packages tailored for Hip-Hop and making beats:

Make it thump, knock and boom

You could have a hit on your hands: superb lyrics, dope beat, catchy hook, the whole nine. But if your music isn't mastered then you run the risk of all your hard work being dismissed before it even gains traction. Mastering is quite often the difference in having a professional sound, providing an increase in volume along with added clarity and balance to your music. Learn more about the finishing touch audio mastering provides.

Planet  Rock

Our Global Music Distribution Bundle is powered by our partner company CD Baby, the world's largest digital distributor of independent artists. You can sell your hip-hop music everywhere, from Tokyo to Paris and back to Cali. That includes Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, GooglePlay, YouTube, Facebook, and beyond. Learn more about digital music distribution.

Custom vinyl records

Put it on Wax

There's just something about vinyl. The first hip-hop singles were pressed to records back in the 70s and listeners today are still allured by its magic. Check out our vinyl packaging options and give your music a look as distinctive as its sound.

Live and direct

No matter how many venues you have scheduled for performances, Disc Makers has your back. Keep a full inventory of flyers, concert posters and any other promotional materials you might need along your journey. Or make your own to celebrate your personal success.

The Art of Sampling

The art of sampling has always been at the foundation of hip-hop and rap music, but using someone else's work without the proper permissions might land you in the hot seat. If you plan on incorporating this technique into your next project, make sure you understand the regulations around copyrights and licensing. And if you don't know, now you know.

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