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CD Baby

Worldwide Music Distribution

Distribute your music on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and more.

Your music — on all the most popular download and streaming sites worldwide. With 150+ digital distribution partners (and more being added all the time) we’ll get your music for sale in more places than any other music distributor. See our complete partner list.

Sell downloads on 2,500 stores including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Instagram, TikTok Napster, eMusic, and Gracenote
Your music everywhere. One price.

Your music everywhere. One price.

While many music distributors will charge per-retailer fees, yearly fees, and cancellation fees, we offer all our distribution services for only $9.99 per album or single. And whenever we add a new retail partner, your music will be delivered free of charge.

Go live on Apple Music in just a few days

Go live on Apple Music in just a few days

Being one of the oldest and most trusted independent distributors means we can get your music selling online faster than anyone else. We are a preferred Apple content provider and can get your music on Apple Music in just a few short days after you give your final approval for distribution.

Detailed accounting and free Spotify trending reports

Detailed accounting and free Spotify trending reports

It’s important to know how and when your music promotion efforts are paying off. With CD Baby you can easily review every sale and stream in your account. You’ll also get weekly trending reports from Spotify, so you can easily gauge the effectiveness of your current tour or marketing campaign.

Global digital music distribution

Get global digital music distribution today!

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How to order:

  • Place your Distribution Bundle order.
  • Check your e-mail for our follow-up with important instructions to complete your account registration and digital distribution submission on CD Your album will not be available on any digital streaming platforms until you complete your submission in your CD Baby account.
  • Once your submission is completed, inspected and approved it will be finalized and delivered to the digital streaming platforms you selected for distribution.
  • The complete process from completing your submission in your CD Baby account to digital distribution can take up to 4 weeks.

How it works:

  • Our Distribution Bundle is available with purchase of any CD replication or CD duplication package that includes a packaging option that includes cover artwork (excludes: bulk discs, jewel cases with no inserts, etc).
  • Your disc project must include a UPC barcode.
  • When creating a disc package quote online, simply add the Music Distribution Bundle to your order prior to saving your quote.
  • Our Digital Distribution Bundle is for albums only. If you are interested in distributing a single, sign up for distribution directly through CD Baby.