Manual CD/DVD Duplicators

When you need a lightning-fast tower duplicator, look no further than our popular Reflex line. With over 29,000 units in the field our Reflex duplicators set the standard for speed and durability.

Reflex Series

Perfect for fast, high-volume CD and DVD duplication, our super rugged Reflex towers are the easiest, fastest, and most affordable duplicators on the market.

Reflex Daisy Chain Series

Designed for maximum output, our Reflex Daisy Chain Series duplicators can be linked together for large duplication jobs. Connect as many as 200 towers and control them all with one interface.

Reflex Media Center Series

The Reflex Media Center series enables you to duplicate data from a USB Drive, Memory Stick, SD Card, Compact Flash Card and more to CDs or DVDs without the need for a computer!

Reflex Network Edition Series

Connect the Reflex Network Edition to your office network and allow files and images to be transferred conveniently and easily.

Reflex Vault Series

Upload images to your Reflex units HDD with ease from your PC with the Reflex Vault Series. With optional Copy Protection, embed a proprietary copy protection encryption to your files.