World-class mastering, independent prices! Don’t skip this essential part of the process. Starting at just $49.

The SoundLAB at Disc Makers

Audio mastering at prices independent musicians can afford.

Whether it’s a CD or a digital download, your album isn’t ready for release until it’s been professionally mastered. It’s not an optional step, it’s an essential part of releasing an album. Every album released on a major label is professionally mastered, but it’s a step that an independent artist may be tempted to skip. You’ve poured your heart into your music and recording, and likely spent thousands of dollars in the process. So why stop short of making your album sound the best that it can? Professional mastering from The SoundLAB brings the following important enhancements to your album:

• Increased overall volume
• Clarity and punch that may be missing in your flat mixes
• Balanced EQ
• Consistent volume from song to song
• Custom spacing or cross-fades

The professional engineers at The SoundLAB have years of experience mastering every genre of music and they work in custom built mastering rooms that house some of the best monitors and recording gear available.

Since 1946, Disc Makers has been committed to quality and customer satisfaction. The SoundLAB delivers professional quality audio mastering at prices indie artists can afford — and our work is 100% guaranteed.
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