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USB Duplicators: ReflexFlash

The ReflexFlash line of USB duplicators conveniently copy portable USB storage drives without a computer.

USB duplicators
USB Duplicators

USB duplication allows you to share your ideas and innovations, promotional materials, training documents, software, audio and video files, and more all at the press of a button.

Item USB Slots Throughput Price  
ReflexFlash3 USB Duplicator 1 slot, 3 targets Up to 90 units/hr $539 Learn More Buy now
ReflexFlash7 USB Duplicator 1 slot, 7 targets Up to 210 units/hr $689 Learn More Buy now
ReflexFlash11 USB Duplicator 1 slot, 11 targets Up to 330 units/hr $959 Learn More Buy now
ReflexFlash15 USB Duplicator 1 slot, 15 targets Up to 330 units/hr $1,079 Learn More Buy now

What are USB duplicators?

USB drive duplicators are very convenient and high speed, accurately duplicating data onto multiple USBs at once. They offer the advantage of being able to duplicate large amounts of data quickly, and accurately with little manual effort. With a USB duplicator, all you have to do is insert your original USB and multiple blank USBs into the duplicator and press a button to start the process to receive successful copies. This can save businesses and organizations time, money, and hassle as it eliminates the need for manual duplication. Furthermore, the accuracy of USB duplicators is high and it allows users to duplicate data with complete confidence. USB duplicators are therefore a convenient and time-saving way to get multiple USBs of the same data.

Standalone USB duplicators provide the flexibility of either manually entering settings for the device or utilizing their LCD panel for guided instructions. With these powerful features, USB duplicators are essential for businesses that want to manage and secure their data.

About Our ReflexFlash USB Duplicators

The ReflexFlash line of USB duplicators conveniently copy portable USB storage drives without a computer. Thanks to their advanced asynchronous duplication, each channel can independently load, unload, and copy, so there's no waiting or interruption.

Fast, Easy, Accurate, and Intuitive

  • Copies up to 10 MB per second
  • No warm-up or cool-down time needed
  • No Computer required
  • User-Friendly interface and simple operation
  • LCD screen w/ Real-time information displayed
  • Real-time copy and compare technology to ensure successful and complete copies
  • Supports all file formats, sizes and USB drive capacities
  • Operates in both Synchronous (all targets at once) and Asynchronous (one target at a time) duplication modes

Easy 3 Step Operation

  • Place your source USB drive into the top left slot of your ReflexFlash
  • Place your Target drives in the remaining slots
  • Select “Copy” from the LCD display and begin copying!