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Direct Mail Fulfillment

We’ll get your goods where they need to go

Direct Mail Fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment made easy.

Disc Makers offers warehousing and fulfillment services including; complete lettershop and direct mail, drop shipments to multiple locations simultaneously, bulk order fulfillment on demand and single unit fulfillment at your customer or client’s request. We can take orders directly from your website, or you can simply go on-line and work through your Disc Makers My Account.

The Lowest Postage Rates– Delivered.

We’re experts on postal rules and regulations, presorting, and postage discounts, so you’ll get the best possible mailing rates. We use USPS-certified CASS address standardization software to provide significant postal rate discounts and maximize delivery efficiency.

The Most Packaging Options– Delivered.

Because content-heavy projects are often more economical on disc than on paper, we offer several lightweight, custom CD-ROM and DVD packages designed specifically for mailing, including a selection of jackets and wallets. We also print postcards and letters and personalize them with anything from marketing key codes to usernames for subscription and membership programs.

Choosing the best options:

When shipping CD-Rs and DVD-Rs in a non-sturdy package it is best to use our USPS approved automated mailer. Because blank optical media contains a dye layer, the new USPS mailing systems can cause damage during the sorting process.

All postage fees must be paid in advance.

Requiring postage up front is standard practice in the Direct Mail industry. This is because the cost of the postage, which can be more than the cost of the entire printing job, is passed directly to the customer with no mark-up. All postage fees must be paid in advance. For complete details on our delivery policy, click here, or call your Product Specialist.

Important information

Due to the many options available and the varying weight of packages, every direct mail project requires a custom quote. We will need to receive your mailing list ten working days before the scheduled mail drop date. Our standard turn time for mailing is five working days from the completion of your project and receipt of your postage payment. Requiring payment for postage prior to mailing is standard practice in the direct mail industry.

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Direct Mail FAQs:

What is the difference between Direct Mail Services and Drop Shipping?

Direct Mail Services involves mailing identical pieces via USPS to a list of U.S. mailing addresses. Disc Makers can also mail to International addresses. Product that is Drop Shipped is sent in varying quantities, with specific per-piece shipping instructions, using a variety of carriers and/or over a period of time.

What will happen when I send my mailing list to Disc Makers?

When we receive your mailing list, we will process your list with software certified by the USPS in order to obtain the lowest possible postage rate for your mailing. (The USPS offers significant discounts for mail that has been printed with automation barcodes and prepared in presort order.) Within two days, your Project manager will send you a postage statement. We will require a check for the full postage amount before we will mail your discs. When your discs are finished, they will be ink-jetted with your address information, and mailed within five days.

How should I provide my mailing list?

Your mailing list should be sent to Disc Makers via email or on disc in an Excel Spreadsheet or an ASCII delimited text file. Here is a Sample Mailing List as well as a Mailing List Worksheet that you can use to format your own list.

If your list contains International Addresses then please supply them in a separate Excel Spreadsheet formatted identical to this one (International Mailing List Worksheet).

    Here are several important notes about supplying international addresses:
  1. International Addresses must be supplied in an Excel Spreadsheet.
  2. International mailings require that we print and apply a custom 4” x 6” address label.  
  3. The number of fields on an International mailing label is limited so please do not deviate from the columns provided in the International Mailing List Worksheet above.
  4. The FIRST, LAST & BUSINESS fields must be filled in.  If there is no business name then please enter the person’s full name as the business.
  5. All fields have a 40 character maximum.  If any field goes beyond the 40 character maximum then the custom mailing label will not print.
  6. The STATE/PROVINCE can only have two (2) letters in this field (i.e. QC, SK, NB, etc.)
  7. A ZIP Code is required in order for a custom mailing label to print.  Each address must have a ZIP Code.
  8. The COUNTRY field must have the ABBREVIATED COUNTRY CODE (i.e. CA, CH, JP, HK etc…).  The Country can’t be written out (i.e. Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, etc…).

Click here for details on preparing your mailing list. If you still require additional assistance or aren't sure about how to provide your mailing list call us at 1-800-237-6666. We'd be more than happy to assist you.

My mailing list is messy and the information does not consistently reside in the same field. Some lists contain duplicate records. Can you field match and merge/purge my mailing list?

Yes. Disc Makers’ Direct Mail Department can standardize your list and omit duplicate entries for $75/hr.

Should I mail my CDs First Class or Standard mail?

Depending on the weight of each package, and the distribution of the addresses on your mailing list, First Class Mail is going to be around 50% to 100% more expensive than Standard Mail. First Class Mail will generally arrive in 2 – 5 days, while Standard Mail can take as long as 15 days or longer.

What is an indicia, and why do I need one on my mailer?

An indicia (also called a permit imprint) is an imprinted designation on mail that denotes postage payment. The indicia is printed in the upper right-hand corner where the postage stamp would be. Or, it can be printed along with the address in the 2” x 4” white space. It indicates whether the mailing is First Class or Standard. It also shows the Post Office of origin, and the Account Permit Number. In order to mail your CDs at the discounted rates offered by the USPS, it is necessary to have an indicia printed on the mailer. As part of your direct mail package, Disc Makers will provide one for you. Please call us for details. (1-800-237-6666)

How much space should I leave in my label design for the indicia and the address?

A 2" x 4" white space must be allotted for Disc Makers to include the return address, mailing address, and indicia. If you have prepared your design files to pre-print the return address directly on the product, please place the return address outside of this 2" x 4" white space.

Why do I have to pay for postage before my mailing begins? Can you just invoice me for the postage?

Requiring postage up front is standard practice in the Direct Mail industry. This is because the cost of the postage, which can be more than the cost of the entire printing job, is passed directly to the customer with no mark-up. All postage fees must be paid in advance. For complete details on our delivery policy, click here, or call your Product Specialist.

My CDs are finished and I'm in a hurry to have them mailed. Can I put my postage amount on a credit card?

Sorry, we can not accept credit cards for postage. Disc Makers does not "re-sell" postage at a profit. We simply pass your postage check along to the Post Office.