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New York DVD Duplication

DVD & Blu-ray Duplication for New York State

From New York City to Rochester, Disc Makers serves filmmakers throughout New York State

Since 1946, Disc Makers has been helping independent artists throughout the Empire State bring their music and films to life. From duplicating DVDs or Blu-rays, to providing expert authoring services that give films a professional finish.

Looking to enter your film in the New York Film Festival or Tribeca? Grab some DVDs in classic DVD cases. Plan on selling your film commercially? Get some retail-ready Blu-ray discs. Or maybe you’re launching a new product and want to get the word out–get DVDs in direct mail packaging.

We have products for colleges, too. Our custom board packaging is great for creating brochures with an accompanying DVD for prospective students, and our DVDigipaks are perfect for distributing graduation ceremonies, sports highlights, concerts, and shows. From New York City to Rochester, and from NYU to Syracuse, Disc Makers has you covered.

Why choose Disc Makers?
For one, we back all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also provide the fastest turn times in the industry–so you get your discs exactly when you need them. If that isn’t enough, you can place your order entirely online with our easy to use quoter.

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