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Ads for Artists

Grow your music career on social media and websites like Pitchfork, Billboard, and many others.
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Ads for Artists

Start your music ad

(Minimum budget: $100 per week)

  • 4 weeks - $100/week (minimum weekly amount) 4 weeks - $200/week (recommended amount) 6 weeks - $250/week (serious artists)
  • Campaign Development Fee $199.00
  • Price (excludes tax)

How Long to Run Your Ad

In order to make the most out of your ad campaign, it is highly recommended to display the ad for the longest possible time to allow for the ads exposure to be optimized.

Our ad partners use algorithms to determine the best ads to show to the best audience while also creating a good user experience which is a continuous process of trial and error.

Therefore, the longer you continue running the same campaign, the more effective and successful the campaign will become since the algorithm will attempt to show your ad to the audience who is most likely to purchase your title.

Campaign Development Fee

A $199.00 campaign development fee will be applied to new ad orders.

Ads for Artists

Music marketing is a powerful way for any indie artist to build their fan base and sell their music. Disc Makers takes on a daunting task—advertising your new release on social media—and makes it easy. We’ll design your ad and create a target audience of those social media users most likely to be interested in your music (based on their listening preferences).

Ads for Artists leads fans straight to your website (Spotify artist page, YouTube channel, Bandcamp for Artist page, etc.) so they can listen, love, and buy your music.

What you need for a successful Ads for Artists campaign

Disc Makers CEO Tony van Veen explains what you need for a successful Ads for Artists campaign. Watch video

Market your music

We make your ad. You make your mark.

From gaining exposure to getting paid, here are a few moves you can make with Ads for Artists to promote your album or single:

Promote your Spotify tracks on Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Promote your Spotify tracks on Facebook and Instagram feeds

Promote your Spotify tracks on Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Lead people to your new music video on YouTube.

Lead people to your new music video on YouTube.

Push your latest single on popular sites like Pitchfork, iHeart Radio, WorldStarHipHop, and more.

Promote your Spotify tracks on Facebook and Instagram feeds

How it works

Set your budget

1. Plan your ad

First, tell us a bit about yourself—your music genre, related artists, and your overall goal. Next, set your budget ($199 development fee + weekly spend) and how long you want to run your promotion. Then, you can upload any audio or visual assets to be included in your ad.

We make your campaign

2. We get to work

Our social media experts will create an advertising campaign that includes professional metadata review, expert visual and copy execution, and tailored audience targeting.

Your ad campaign proof will be ready for your approval 2-3 business days after placing your order.

Track your progress

3. Track your progress

After your approval, we’ll schedule your ads to appear on the social channels and websites you specified. You can view and export your campaign performance data from your account dashboard, including the total number of times your ad has been seen, how many people have seen it, and how many people clicked through to your music sales page.

Why trust Disc Makers to build your music ad campaigns?

Why trust Disc Makers to build your music ad campaigns?

Online advertising can be a challenging (and ever-changing) beast—especially if you’re not sure how to promote your music. But our social media experts have the experience necessary to create a professional ad campaign that targets the listeners most likely to be interested in your music. We’ll take care of the tough stuff:

  • Ad Development—Our marketing experts will analyze your music’s metadata and target users who are potential listeners of your music.
  • Ad Design—We’ll then create and launch a compelling ad that leads listeners straight to your music.
  • Ad Tracking—You can view and export data detailing your campaign’s performance
Reach new listeners

Ready to reach new listeners?

Get started

Terms and conditions: One week/$100 minimum campaign budget. All ad campaign sales final after proof approval. Ad campaigns canceled before proof approval will be refunded their advertising budget but not the ad creation fee. Ad campaign performance can be tracked from your Disc Makers account in real-time. Metrics include reach, impressions, and link clicks.

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