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USB Data Load Information

Get the most out of your branded USB drives by having us pre-load data on the USB's.

What Is Data Loading?

By data loading you can use the USB drives as a way to distribute information such as presentations, PDF's, photos, videos, catalogs and any other file type. Data loading content reduces printed materials which is good for the environment and the bottom line!

What can be put on the drive?

Any files that a computer can read can be loaded onto the USB drives. You can have a link to your website; a 30-second video spot for your company; a PowerPoint presentation; a PDF of your full catalog; or even a special computer program. The possibilities are endless!

How much data can I include?

Make sure you have enough room. Formatting the USB drive will use some of the memory. Once formatted, the available space is generally about 93% of the drive size. For instance, if you order 1 GB drive, you’ll only have about 930 MB available. Please plan accordingly.


MB per Stereo Minute 3 Minute Song 10 Song Album 15 Song Album
.mp3 - 192 Kbps 1.22 3.66 36.6 54.9
.mp3 - 256 Kbps 1.92 5.76 57.6 86.4
.mp3 - 320 Kbps 2.4 7.2 72 108
.wav 10.6 31.8 318 477
Conservative Estimate
Drive Size 3 minute .wav songs 3 minute 320/mp3 songs
1gb 26 354
2gb 52 708
4gb 104 1416
8gb 208 2832
16gb 416 5664

How will the Data Display?

The contents of the USB will diplay like a folder on the computer. Most computers default to displaying files sequentially/alphabetically. If you want the files displayed in a specific order, we suggest adding a numbered prefix in the title.


01_audio track.mp3
02_audio track.mp3
03_Thank You.pdf

Is it compatible with Macintosh and Windows computers?

Yes, basic data loading is a usable option for both Mac and Windows computers as long as the files you put on the drive work on both operating systems.

What other options are available?

Website Auto-Run
You provide us with a website address and we'll have the USB's link directly to the URL provided. When the USB is plugged in it will take the user directly to your specified webpage. This is a perfect way to drive customers to your website.

Auto-run allows you to choose one file on your USB flash drive that you want to load every time the USB drive is plugged into a computer. Please note that Auto-runs will not work on Macs and some PCs with very high security settings. In order for Auto-run to work properly, all the data must be intact, therefore the data portion of the USB will need to be Partitioned and Data-Locked (see below). Data-locking is included in the price of Auto-run.

Data Locking (Non-erasable content)
Data locking will store your data permanently on the drive, ensuring that it is not erased. Data locking requires the drives to be partitioned into two parts. One part can be used like a normal flash drive: files can be loaded, opened and deleted as usual. The second part shows up on the computer as a CD-Rom drive and contains the locked data which cannot be deleted or edited. Mac users: Permissions in the Mac OS may stop some ‘locked’ files from running as expected. Please note that Data Locking does not protect the files from being copied or shared. It simply locks the content on the drive.