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ReflexFlash11 USB Duplicator

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ReflexFlash11 USB Duplicator
ReflexFlash11 USB Duplicator Specs:

ReflexFlash USB Duplicators are the answer to fast and easy USB duplication. Transferring at a rate of 10 MB per second, the ReflexFlash USB Duplicator will cut your wait time to no time. In one minute, you can transfer up to 1200 photo or PDF files, 6000 word docs, or 120 MP3 files to 7 USB storage devices. Since ReflexFlash USB Duplicators are compatible with all USB drive brands and sizes, you never have to worry about incompatibility. Furthermore, ReflexFlash USB Duplicators feature a "Copy & Compare" function, which not only allows you to copy only the files you want, but will format and verify your destination drives as well. Featuring one-click functionality, the ReflexFlash USB Duplicator operates independently of a computer, so you can drop the drag-and-drop method. All you need is your USB storage device and your destination drives. With its ease of use and dependability, the ReflexFlash USB Duplicator stands alone when it comes to USB Duplication.

Item #: DUP012-10003
USB slots One Source Slot, Eleven targets
Write speeds Up to 10 MB per second; 600MB per minute
Throughput Up to 330 units per hour
System memory 256MB Buffer Memory
Dimensions 21.50” D x 13.00” W x 15.50” H
Weight 16lbs
System requirements Standalone system; No host PC needed
Warranty One-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and one-year FREE tech support
Extended warranty Add $247
48 hour replacement service Add $378
Media compatability Burns all USB drive brands