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Get your music in rotation on internet radio

Your songs played to people who like your style of music. Free trial for friends of Disc Makers!

radio airplay
Radio Airplay

Radio Airplay is a powerful promotional tool for DIY artists; here’s why:

#1 Exposure (the smart kind)

Radio Airplay plays your music to a very large and real audience — their online radio stations have 8 Million listeners — and you decide who hears your music. If your music is similar to Eminem, you get played to people who like Eminem. If you think your music does better with fans of Lady Antebellum, you direct your campaign to their fans. You can also target your promotion to specific states or countries. In a nutshell, you get exposure to the people who are most likely to become your fans.

#2 Get New Fans

When your songs are playing on Radio Airplay, the listener is encouraged to interact, which is a great way to make new fans. You build real connections with people that you can communicate with. You can inform them about an upcoming gig, or a new album you just dropped. Or, add your new fans to your existing mailing lists.

#3 Reports and Insights

Radio Airplay gives you detailed, daily reports on the things you care about: plays, likes, fans, and more. These reports are not just data; they answer questions like “which song is most likely to be a hit?” or “does my music generate better response in California or New York?”

#4 Radio Airplay is cost effective

With our free trial of Radio Airplay’s promotion service, your songs will play to 100 people at no cost to you. If you decide Radio Airplay works for you, prices start at just $10, and set up only takes a few minutes.

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