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Songwriting, Mastered

Disc Makers Exclusive – save $15 on a 1-year license & $20 on a 2-year license!


MasterWriter is the perfect Writing Partner

MasterWriter is the premier writing software built specifically for songwriters. Used by renowned songwriters such as Gwen Stefani, Trent Reznor, Rob Thomas, and David Foster MasterWriter is a songwriter’s best friend. At some point all songwriters hit a road block leading to hours spent searching reference books or bouncing from one website to the next trying to find the right word or phrase, but not with MasterWriter. One search in MasterWriter will give you all of the possibilities in an instant, including a vast array of descriptive words that you will not find in any other reference dictionary or thesaurus - and that is only a small percentage of the power packed into MasterWriter.

MasterWriter 3.0 gives you all the options

If taking much of the pain out of songwriting wasn’t enough, one of the other major advantages with MasterWriter is you can access it from any device. Most writing software forces you to drag your personal computer everywhere you go, not MasterWriter! MasterWriter can be used from any computer, pad, or phone, so wherever you are you’ll never miss an opportunity to write again!

Disc Makers Exclusive

Not only as a Disc Makers artist do you receive a free trial of MasterWriter, but you also receive exclusive savings of $15 on a one-year membership, or $20 on a two-year membership, making MasterWriter super affordable for songwriters at any level.

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