USB Music Cards

Custom print your album art on USB flash drives. Get 100 for just $461.

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USB Music Cards
1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
10 $8.90 $9.05 $9.26 $9.40 $9.55 Call
25 $6.99 $7.14 $7.35 $7.49 $7.64 Call
50 $5.71 $5.86 $6.07 $6.21 $6.36 $7.11
100 $4.61 $4.76 $4.97 $5.11 $5.26 $6.01
250 $4.21 $4.36 $4.57 $4.71 $4.86 $5.61
500 $3.96 $4.11 $4.32 $4.46 $4.61 $5.36
1,000 $3.72 $3.87 $4.08 $4.22 $4.37 $5.12
2,500 $3.52 $3.67 $3.88 $4.02 $4.17 $4.92

Includes full color print on one side and no data load. Turn time 10-15 days.

Ordering custom USB music cards is easy! Just configure your own custom quote and upload your art in our Project Center.

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or call us at 800-468-9353 to get our lowest possible pricing.

Why You Should Make USB Music Cards

USB Music Cards are the ultimate fan piece for your merch table. Music Card USBs look cool printed with your full-color album art and they can be played from any USB device including a computer or your car. You can even transfer the files to your phone or play them straight from an Android phone ad-free, with the right connector, no data or Wifi required. Aside from your music, you can consider loading your custom USB drive with special album art or photo outtakes from your latest photo shoot. And there’s still room to include the video for your hit single or a “thank you” message to your fans for all of their support. You can include links to your webpage, social media and fan pages. The possibilities of these custom USB cards are endless.

Your fans will go crazy over the unique way they can enjoy your music and everything else you want to share as an artist from one compact custom USB Music Card.

USB Music Card Specs

Includes free shipping, full-color printing, and a lifetime guarantee. Quote, create, and order entirely online.

Dimensions & impressions area Music Card USB Drive dimensions and impressions area
Weight 0.35 oz
Color options White
Memory options 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB
Printing Full color artwork printed on both front & back, in full vibrant colors
Included Limited Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping
Optional packaging
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or call us at 800-468-9353 to get our lowest possible pricing.

Lock and load

We’ll pre-load your music, images, and videos and protect everything with non-erasable data locking.

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What materials do I need to provide?

Artwork to print on the USB and files to load

What storage sizes do you offer?

Standard 2gb – 32gb (larger options available for some types)

What is your minimum quantity order?

order as few as 10!

Do you have design templates?