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USB Music Cards

Custom print your album art on USB flash drives.

USB Music Cards

USB Music Cards

Custom print your album art on USB flash drives.

Ordering custom USB music cards is easy! Just configure your own custom quote and upload your art in our Project Center.

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Free data load on USB drives up to 8 GB.

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USB drive packaging:

Need packaging for your Swing USB flash drive?
Here are our most popular options:

USB Music Card Specs

Includes free shipping*, full-color printing, and a lifetime guarantee. Quote, create, and order entirely online.

Dimensions & impressions area Music Card USB Drive dimensions and impressions area
Weight 0.35 oz
Color options White
Memory options 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB
All drives are standard 2.0

How much data can I include?
Make sure you have enough room. Formatting the USB drive will use some of the memory. Once formatted, the available space is generally about 93% of the drive size. For instance, if you order 1 GB drive, you’ll only have about 930 MB available. Please plan accordingly.
Printing Full color artwork printed on both front & back, in full vibrant colors
Included Limited Lifetime Warranty and Free Shipping*
Optional packaging
Due to the differences in brands of computer and configurations we cannot guarantee which way the printed design will be facing when the USB Flash Drive is plugged into a computer. Our music card flash drives come with the option for Data Loading. Learn more.

USB Drives that do not have a standard USB case around the circuit board, like the Key Shape, Business Card and Music Card, are susceptible to movement – and therefore can appear to fail. There is also potential that the Key and Business Card shape may not consistently work on a Mac. The thinner profile of the Mac, combined with the exposed circuit board of the drive, can prevent the drive and the computer from making good contact resulting in the computer’s inability to read the drive. The data on the drive is fine, but the computer may fail to read if the connection becomes loose.

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Need help? Tell us about your project. Or call 800-468-9353.

*USB orders include free economy shipping to the contiguous 48 states. Faster services are available. Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or internationally do not qualify for free economy shipping.

Lock and load

We’ll pre-load your music, images, and videos and protect everything with non-erasable data locking.

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Give ‘em all you got

Order custom-printed USB Music Cards for your fans today.

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What materials do I need to provide?

Artwork to print on the USB and files to load

What storage sizes do you offer?

Standard 2gb – 32gb (larger options available for some types)

What is your minimum quantity order?

order as few as 10!

Do you have design templates?