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DVD Piracy Protection

Piracy Protection Software Services | Disc Makers for just $95.


We have a new low price on the digital copy protection you want for your replicated DVD-5s and DVD-9s. For just $95 you can protect your DVDs with CSS – the industry standard for digital copy protection. And best of all, adding CSS will not add extra days on to your production time.

Limiting the digital piracy of your copyrighted content makes sure that your production and art is only distributed by you. Our piracy protection services use software to add CSS to your DVD files, to limit people creating pirated copies of your intellectual property. Piracy, or creating duplicates of copyrighted content is illegal. We recommend using piracy protection as part of your digital rights management for any content you are creating to limit illegal copies.

If you also need analog copy protection, you’ll want to order Macrovision. Macrovision can be added at no additional charge if you are purchasing CSS—although you need to place your order over the phone if you want to add Macrovision. Just call 1-800-468-9353 and ask your Product Specialist to add CSS and Macrovision to your order.

Keep in mind that no copy protection is absolute. CSS and Macrovision are effective speed bumps meant to deter the casual copier. A determined pirate will find a way around it.

Looking for DVD-10 replication? Call us for a quote on adding CSS and Macrovision.

CSS (Content Scramble System) is used as anti piracy protection against digital copying (on a computer or disc-to-disc). It is the only copy protection admissible in anti-piracy litigation cases for copyright infringement. CSS uses a separate set of files called key files to encrypt the digital data making it especially difficult to copy.

  • CSS copy protection is available with purchase of any DVD replication package (quantities of 300 or more).
  • When creating a disc package quote online, you will see CSS copy protection in the “Add-ons” pane prior to saving your quote.
  • When placing an order offline, call 1-800-468-9353 and ask your product specialist to add CSS copy protection to your DVD order.
Looking for DVD-10 replication?

Call us for a quote on adding CSS and Macrovision.