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Disc Makers Masters 10,000th CD Project

The SoundLab at Disc Makers reaches important milestone in just 16 years with project for Louisiana artist Chris Gray

February 23, 2005, (Pennsauken, NJ) Disc Makers, the nation's leading independent media manufacturer, is proud to announce that it has completed its 10,000th CD post-production mastering project at its in-house SoundLab at Disc Makers. Chris Gray, a country artist from Hammond, LA, had submitted his CD entitled "From Where I Am" for post-production mastering, and was surprised that his project was the one to achieve this milestone.

"What can I say? I am excited about this honor and thrilled to be a part of this great milestone for Disc Makers," says Chris Gray. "We have a great relationship with Disc Makers. They are a world-class organization that truly understands the needs of independent artists. I wish them luck on the next 10,000 projects!"

The SoundLab first opened its doors inside Disc Makers' Pennsauken, NJ-headquarters in 1989, and over the years has mastered projects for many high-profile artists, including Marshall Mathers (Eminem), Less Than Jake, Coolio, The Roots, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Kool and The Gang, and John Taylor (Duran Duran). However, the SoundLab's true expertise is making independent projects sound great at a fraction of the cost of major mastering studios. Rather than bill by the hour, the SoundLab offers mastering of a full album for the indie-friendly price of $490. This low rate, plus the great quality and positive word of mouth, have turned the SoundLab into the mastering studio that handles more volume than any other in the United States. Whereas larger mastering studios may handle only a few major-budget projects at any one time, the SoundLab has a continuous flow of independent projects that tend to need a more varied range of services and expertise, and represent every imaginable genre. The SoundLab engineering team, led by Paul Elliot, has the experience and technical know-how to treat each one, and does so while producing world-class results that have been recognized across the industry as rivaling the work of some of the top mastering studios.

Disc Makers also recently opened a new world-class mastering suite that uses high-end equipment from SADiE and Sonic Studio and is loaded with digital and analog processing gear from top manufacturers such as Weiss, TC Electronics, Apogee, George Massenberg Labs, Avalon Designs, and Focusrite. It is also outfitted with Dynaudio Acoustic M-3 speakers powered by Chord monoblocks.

"Our team is proud of reaching this milestone as it represents the hard work and attention to detail that goes into every project that comes through our doors," says Paul Elliott, Chief Engineer of The SoundLab at Disc Makers.

Tony van Veen, Disc Makers Vice President of Sales & Marketing agrees.

"Disc Makers is about providing world-class quality at working-man prices. The majority of our team members are musicians, so we understand the financial commitment that our customers have to make in order to get a CD project done. Since out Soundlab studios are in our replication facilities, our costs are much lower than the high-end mastering studios with flashy facilities. Instead of spending money on fancy offices, we invest in top notch gear and engineering talent, while still offering world-class mastering at rates any independent artist can afford."

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