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Turn times

Get your discs in as fast as 4 days

Turn times

We deliver super fast, while also delivering the highest quality discs.

We deliver this fast because we manufacture every component of your order in our own disc replication and printing plant.

About our production times

We quote our production times from the moment you approve your proofs. They do not include the pre-approval process of prepping your art files and/or master, nor the time it takes for you to approve your proofs. The pre-approval process can range from 2 to 7 days, depending on the package you order. (NOTE: You can skip the entire pre-approval process and upload your prepared files right now by using our Self Service site, with the NOWProof. This revolutionary service gives you an instant proof and the ability to have your project jump ahead into our production flow this evening.)

We have 3 turn time options for most packages — Economy, Standard, and Priority. The number of days will vary based on your specific package, but the most common turn times for these are listed below. Even faster delivery is available in some cases; please check with your Product Specialist.


(10-13 day production time)
  • 4 business days of pre-approval time — which is typical for most jobs (save pre-approval time — Get instant pricing to create a Self Service NowProof™).
  • Plus approximately 13 business days of production time after you approve your proofs.
  • Your total turn time is approximately 17 business days.


(5-7 day production time)


(4-day production time)

This quotation is provided in good faith based on the cost of raw materials, market conditions, and the information provided by the customer. Prices may also be subject to change if the order received by Disc Makers is different from what was discussed. Quoted or acknowledged delivery dates are estimates only. Disc Makers does not guarantee turn times, except in the case of specifically labeled “Guaranteed Turn Time” packages.

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