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Custom Vinyl Records & Short Run Vinyl Pressing

Introducing the lowest vinyl prices in the country at 100 and 200 units!

Record sales are at record highs, so there's no better time to delight your fans with your music in vinyl format. As one of the originators of the DIY artist revolution, Disc Makers started pressing records in 1946, so we know a thing or two about how to make a great record. And while most vinyl pressing plants prefer to work with record labels, we've built every one of our vinyl packages for you, the working independent artist.

100 Black vinyl records

Basic 12" Records in Euro Jackets

100 vinyl records for $999

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Our most affordable option

  • Standard 140 gram black vinyl record pressing (optional random color available)
  • Euro jacket printing with medium-gloss aqueous finish*
  • Full-color printed LP labels
  • Plain white inner sleeves
  • Insertion and shrink-wrap
  • Available only in quantities of 100 and 200 records
  • To expedite production and keep pricing as affordable as possible, this package does not include test pressings
  • Ready in 6-8 weeks

*Euro jackets are built similarly to a CD jacket. They are printed on 18 pt. recycled board that is 10% lighter than standard jackets.

100 Black vinyl records

Standard 12" Records in Jackets w/ Spines

100 12" vinyl records for $1,299

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Our most popular vinyl package

  • Standard 140 gram black vinyl record pressing (optional random color available)
  • Standard jacket printing with medium-gloss aqueous finish (includes a printed spine)
  • Full-color printed LP labels
  • Plain white inner sleeves
  • Insertion and shrink-wrap
  • Available only in quantities of 100 and 200 records
  • To expedite production and keep pricing as affordable as possible, this package does not include test pressings
  • Ready in 6-8 weeks
1Deluxe 12" Records

Deluxe 12" Records in Jackets

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Our most customizable vinyl product

  • Standard 140 gram or deluxe 180 gram black vinyl record pressing (many vinyl colors and effects available)
  • 5 test pressings (larger quantities are available)
  • Deluxe jacket printing with high-gloss, aqueous, or matte UV finish (gatefold jackets available)
  • Full-color printed LP labels
  • Plain white inner sleeves (custom printed inner sleeves available)
  • Insertion and shrink-wrap
  • Available in quantities as low as 100 records (recommended for 300 units or more)
  • Ready in 8-12 weeks
7” Vinyl Records

7" Records in Jackets

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Ideal for releasing one or two songs

  • Standard 42 gram black vinyl record pressing (many vinyl colors and effects available)
  • 5 test pressings (larger quantities are available)
  • Standard printed sleeve (gatefold sleeves are available)
  • Full-color printed labels
  • Insertion into sleeves
  • Available as 45 or 33 1/3 rpm
  • Available in quantities as low as 100 records
  • Ready in 8-12 weeks
Custom records

45 RPM, gatefold packaging, and colored vinyl upgrades available

Customize your vinyl

Why Disc Makers is the only choice for custom vinyl record pressing:

  • We offer the fastest turn times in the business
  • Our vinyl is available in up to 180 grams
  • Many packaging options: full-color jackets, standard record jackets with spines, or gatefolds with a pocket
  • Your choice of 7" & 12", black, random, or colored vinyl
  • Unparalleled customer service: call or email us any time
  • Our audio mastering experts will screen your vinyl for free upon request

The Vinyl + CD Combo

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Turn your vinyl up to 11

Make your vinyl release the best it can be

Album Cover Design

Award-Winning Album Cover Design

Give your vinyl record a cover fans will love — starting at $296
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Vinyl Mastering

Optimize Your Sound

Get pro audio mastering
starting at $49/track
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The Musician's Guide to Vinyl

The Musician’s Guide to Vinyl

Learn all you need to know about mastering, manufacturing, and packaging
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Disc Makers Blog

Disc Makers Blog

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Important Custom Vinyl Pressing Information

Highest-quality vinyl pressing service

If you want to press vinyl with major-label quality, Disc Makers delivers. We manufacture all of our vinyl records domestically and internationally using state-of-the-art pressing machines that produce the finest quality records. And our records and vinyl jackets are crafted to perfection from only the finest materials, manufactured on the best record-pressing machines, including full-color printing using only non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for a rich, vibrant look that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our experienced production staff performs a multitude of quality checks during the vinyl production process to ensure your master sounds optimal when mastered and pressed onto vinyl.

Our standard records come in at an industry standard of 140 grams. We also offer a premium 180-gram vinyl weight that will sound great on your turntable for years to come.

The SoundLAB also offers vinyl mastering services to ensure the best sound quality. And, of course, every vinyl order comes with Disc Makers' legendary customer service, delivered by our expert project managers for independent artists. Are you ready to press vinyl? We're ready for you.

Elevate Your Vinyl with Custom Colors

At Disc Makers, we understand that your music is unique, and your vinyl should reflect that uniqueness. Beyond our competitive pricing and exceptional quality, we offer an array of vinyl color options and special effects to make your records stand out. Whether you're aiming for a classic look or something more personalized, we have you covered.

Our standard vinyl records come in sleek 140g and robust 180g weights, pressed in classic black or opaque and transparent color options. But why stop there? For those looking to truly personalize their vinyl, we offer an extensive palette of custom colors and effects at an additional cost. From translucent and solid hues to neon brights and marble options, your vinyl can be as vibrant and individual as your music.

Transparency in Pricing

We believe in transparency and will guide you through the customization process, including the associated costs. Custom colors and effects come at an extra cost due to the specialized materials and additional labor involved. However, we strive to keep these options as affordable as possible, ensuring you can offer something truly special to your fans without breaking the bank.

Let Disc Makers help you make a statement with your next vinyl release. Contact us to find out more about how we can bring your vision to vinyl.


How are vinyl records made?

Vinyl records begin their journey as music lovers' treasures with the transformation of audio files into master plates. The process involves cutting your tracks into a lacquer, which then serves as a blueprint for your custom vinyl record. Through meticulous pressing, the grooves representing your song are imprinted onto vinyl, capturing the essence of your artwork and audio in a tangible form. It's a blend of craftsmanship and passion, ensuring every note resonates with the listener.

How much does it cost to press a vinyl record?

The cost of pressing a vinyl record varies based on several factors, including the quantity, vinyl color, and packaging options. At Disc Makers, we understand that music industry professionals and independent artists prioritize both quality and affordability. Whether you're seeking standard black vinyl or a personalized vinyl record with a unique vinyl color, our pricing is designed to accommodate your project's specific needs without compromising on quality. For detailed pricing, we invite you to explore our packages, ensuring the perfect fit for your tracks and budget.

What is vinyl pressing?

Vinyl pressing is the art and science of transforming your beloved tracks into a vinyl record. This process involves pressing your audio files into vinyl, creating a durable and aesthetically pleasing medium that music lovers cherish. Vinyl pressing bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, allowing artists to offer something tangible and visually striking — complete with artwork, vinyl jackets, and the distinct warmth of vinyl playback.

Does pressing on color vinyl affect sound quality?

The choice of vinyl color is primarily an aesthetic preference for many artists, aiming to match their visual artwork with their audio artistry. While some purists argue that black vinyl offers the best sound quality due to the materials used, modern advancements in pressing technology have minimized these differences. At Disc Makers, we ensure that whether you choose a classic look or opt for custom vinyl records in vibrant colors, your music's integrity and sound quality are preserved.

What vinyl colors do you offer?

At Disc Makers, our palette of vinyl colors caters to every artist's vision and brand identity. From the classic elegance of black to a spectrum of personalized vinyl record colors (including transparent and opaque) we provide a canvas for your creativity. Each color option is designed to complement your artwork and songs, making your vinyl record not just a listening experience, but a visual experience as well.

Can you custom press a vinyl record?

Absolutely! Custom pressing vinyl is our specialty. Whether you're an emerging indie artist or an established musician in the music industry, we tailor each vinyl record to mirror your unique sound and style. From selecting the vinyl color to crafting bespoke vinyl packaging, our team works closely with you to transform your audio files and artwork into a masterpiece. Your vision, coupled with our expertise, ensures your album on vinyl stands out.

How do I get my album on vinyl?

Getting your album on vinyl with Disc Makers is a seamless journey from audio file to vinyl record. Start by submitting your tracks and artwork through our user-friendly platform. Our team will guide you through choosing your vinyl color, vinyl weight, and packaging options, ensuring every aspect reflects your artistic identity. With our state-of-the-art pressing technology and dedication to craftsmanship, we'll bring your custom vinyl record to life, ready to spin on turntables around the world.

What are vinyl weights?

Vinyl weights, measured in grams, signify the thickness and durability of a vinyl record. Standard weights range from the classic 120-140 grams to the audiophile-preferred 180 grams, offering a robust listening experience. The choice of vinyl weight affects not only the feel and durability of your record but also plays a subtle role in sound quality and vinyl packaging aesthetics. At Disc Makers, we offer two weight options to suit your preference: 140g and 180g, ensuring your music resonates with depth, clarity, and impact.

How is the sound quality of Disc Makers' custom vinyl records?

Disc Makers ensures top-notch sound quality for our custom vinyl records. We use state-of-the-art pressing machines and high-quality materials to produce records with excellent audio fidelity. The SoundLAB offers vinyl mastering services to optimize the sound quality of your recordings. Disc Makers' experienced production staff performs multiple quality checks throughout the vinyl production process, ensuring that your music sounds as great as it looks on vinyl.