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Custom Vinyl Records

The ultimate listening experience.

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Create Your Own Vinyl Record

Create your own vinyl record

Just last year, 1/3 of all albums sold in the United States were vinyl. [Source] Even after all these years, wax is still the unmatched music format. Record sales and vinyl sales are at record highs, so there’s no better time to press records for your fans in the United States or overseas. Whether you’re releasing a full LP or dropping your next single, Disc Makers is here to deliver your music on Vinyl.

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Essential Groove Bundle

The Essential Groove Bundle

100 Custom Vinyl Records for $1,990

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Affordable, custom-printed records. Bundle includes 100/200 standard black vinyl record pressing, full-color or black & white LP labels, unprinted inner sleeves, full-color Jacket w/spine, and shrinkwrapping. Does not include a test pressing.

12 inch custom vinyl pressing with a full color record jacket by Disc Makers.

12" Vinyl Full-color Jackets

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Complete package includes lacquer mastering, pressings, standard black vinyl record pressing, color LP labels, unprinted inner sleeves, UPC barcode, and 12" full color jackets printed on 18pt white boards.

7 inch custom vinyl manufacturing with record sleeve by Disc Makers

7" Custom Vinyl Full-color Record Jackets

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Complete package includes lacquer mastering, pressings, standard black vinyl record pressing, color LP labels, unprinted inner sleeves, UPC barcode, and 7" full color jackets printed on 15pt white boards. Available as a 33 or 45 RPM.

7 inch full 4 panel gatefold custom vinyl pressing and record jacket printing

7" Vinyl Full-color 4-panel Gatefold Record Jackets

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Complete package includes lacquer mastering, pressings, standard black vinyl record pressing, color LP labels, unprinted inner sleeves, UPC barcode, and 7" full-color jackets printed on 15pt white boards. Pressed 7" vinyl available as 33 or 45 RPM.

Custom color vinyl pressing

Want colored vinyl?

Choose your vinyl color

We offer a large selection of custom blended colored vinyl LP variations, including mixed and random color vinyl.

Custom records

Want custom pressed 45 RPM records, spines or gatefold packaging?

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Other quantities and options available, including 45 RPM records, jackets with spines, gatefold jackets, and full-color inner sleeves.

Make a Record They'll Remember

Make a Record They'll Remember

Listening to music on vinyl is a sacred ceremony. Slipping the record out of the sleeve, dropping the needle, sitting with the liner notes, appreciating the sound quality – each moment leads to an exceptional experience. Remember, your music is more than a commodity. But to be remembered in today’s industry, you have to make a connection first as a musician. Give your fans memories they can hold with custom vinyl.

The Musician’s Guide to Vinyl

The definitive guide to the history, production, and manufacturing of vinyl records.

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Why Disc Makers is the only choice for your custom vinyl record pressing

  • We offer the fastest turn times in the business.
  • Our vinyl is available in up to 180 grams.
  • Packaging options galore! Full-color Jackets, standard Record Jackets with spines, or Gatefolds with a pocket.
  • Your choice of 7" & 12", black, mixed, or colored vinyl
  • We offer the quietest black vinyl ever used in production.
  • Unparalleled customer service. Call or email us any time with any questions!
  • PLUS! Our audio mastering experts will screen your vinyl for FREE upon request.

This Ain't No MP3

A different sound needs a different mastering process. Get a free sound quality screening by The SoundLAB experts.
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Give ‘em something they can feel

Make Vinyl

Give ‘em something they can feel

Make vinyl
Give &lsquou;Em Something They Can Feel

Important Custom Vinyl Pressing Information

Vinyl formats and colors

  • All 7" and 12" records are available in your choice of standard black, random color, or colored vinyl
  • For colored vinyl you can choose:
    Transparent vinyl: red, blue, orange/gold, green, crystal clear, and coke clear.
    Transparent custom vinyl colors

    Opaque vinyl: blue, red, violet, & yellow
    Custom opaque vinyl color options
  • If you choose mixed color or random color then you are leaving the color of your records to chance. Any possible combination of colors could be mixed or used. Every record could be the same swirl of colors, or they could all be different. They might be red with purple polka dots or they may be dark colors or bright colors. Each record color will be a surprise, but that's the fun of choosing random color records!
  • All records (12" and 7") come with the standard small 1/4" center hole.
  • All records are engraved in the dead wax area with the Disc Makers assigned matrix number and the master cutting engineers initials. Should a side need to be recut for any reason there will also be a revision date and possibly a revision reference e.g. RE1 or RE2 engraved in the dead wax area.

Vinyl record weights:

  • Standard weight for a pressed 12" record averages between 140 and 150 gram, although the final weight is determined by your master content and vinyl color.
  • 180 gram is available for 12" formats in black vinyl only.
  • 12" 180 gram run closer to 190 gram for most records.
  • The average weight for a 7" record is 40 grams.

Record speeds and allowable program times per side:

  • Please note that the longer your vinyl program is (i.e. the more minutes per side) the lower the volume of your records will be. This is due to the fact that in order to fit more music on the record, the grooves need to be closer together and shallower.
  • Recommended maximum program lengths:
    12" 33 1/3 RPM — 22 minutes per side.
    12" 45 RPM — 15 minutes per side.
    7" 33 1/3 RPM — 6 minutes per side.
    7" 45 RPM — 4.5 minutes per side.

We recommend 45 RPM for 7"records. While 33 1/3 RPM are possible they are sometimes prone to distortion. As a rule it's always better to come in a minute or two under the available time to ensure the best playback of the program.

To achieve quality vinyl production we recommend using a mastering house with significant vinyl mastering experience to prepare your supplied masters. Disc Makers has been offering vinyl post-production mastering for over 60 years. Click here for more information.

Packaging and record label information:

  • 12" record jackets printed on 15pt white boards.
  • 12" Standard record jackets with a spine printed on 20pt white boards.
  • 7" jackets include full-color printing
  • 7" and 12" gatefold jackets come with a right hand pocket.
  • 7" gatefold record pockets open into the package and not outward.
    7 inch gatefold
  • 12" gatefold record pockets open outward and not into the package.
    12 inch gatefold
  • All Record Jackets include aqueous coating.
  • All 7" and 12" projects come standard with unprinted inner sleeves. Full color-printed inner sleeves are available for 12" projects only.
  • Record labels are printed on uncoated stock. Gloss label stock is not available.

Vinyl pressing turn times:

  • Manufacturing of custom vinyl pressing. Please refer to our pricing page for the most current turn time.
  • Estimated production turn times are not guaranteed as the vinyl manufacturing production process is delicate and susceptible to manufacturing disruptions.
  • Rush options are not available at this time.

Test pressings:

  • Every vinyl order, except for the Essential Groove Bundle, include 4 test pressings.
  • Test pressings ship approximately 4-6 weeks after approval of your art proofs.
  • Test pressings are shipped to the delivery address entered at time of order, with a generic proof label and are packaged in unprinted inner sleeves.
  • Test pressings should not be used to gauge the quality of your mix or mastering work. Please make sure you are 100% happy with your recordings before submitting your master for vinyl manufacturing. If we need to create a new set of test pressings because of an error on the master you provided we will charge you $800 for mastering, plating, and a new set of test pressings.
  • Test pressings are only used to catch any possible defects introduced during the plating process. You should listen for things like skips, pops, locked groves that cause repeats or excessive distortion. Please listen to your test pressings on a quality turntable. Quiet pops and clicks are normal. Super loud ones are not.
  • Remember vinyl is meant to be dynamic - not “loud”. You should not expect your vinyl test pressings to be as “loud” as your digital files or CDs.
  • We offer professional vinyl mastering at affordable rates.

Audio files accepted for vinyl mastering:

  • 24- or 16-bit WAV files are preferred.
  • You can upload DDP files or other audio formats or mail in physical masters.

Highest quality vinyl pressing

  • If you want to press vinyl with major-label-quality, Disc Makers delivers. We manufacture all of our vinyl records using vintage Hamilton record presses – quality presses that produce the finest records anywhere. And our records and jackets are crafted to perfection from only the finest materials, manufactured on the best presses, including full-color printing using only non-toxic, vegetable-based, biodegradable inks for a rich, vibrant look that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our experienced production staff performs a multitude of quality checks during the production process to ensure your master sounds optimal when mastered and pressed onto vinyl.

    Our standard records come in at an industry standard 140 grams. We also offer a premium 180 gram vinyl weight that will sound great on your turntable for years to come.

    The SoundLAB also offers special vinyl mastering services to ensure your records sound great on any turntable.

    And of course, every vinyl order comes with Disc Makers’ legendary customer service, delivered by our expert project managers.

    Are you ready to press vinyl? We’re ready for you.