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Disc Makers Musician Courses:

Basics of Music Copyrights and Royalties

In this video series, Disc Makers CEO Tony van Veen simplifies these music business fundamentals so that you can prepare your music to be as profitable as possible.

What you’ll learn:

LESSON I: A summary overview of music rights and royalties
Music copyrights. Music royalties. Learn the difference.

LESSON II: Should I pay to copyright my music?
Watch your step, kid. You best protect your sound recordings.

LESSON III: How to make money off your sound recordings
Make bank on your beats, ballads, and other bangers.

LESSON IV: How to collect mechanical royalties
You don’t need Luca Brasi to collect this money.

LESSON V: How to maximize your performance royalties
ASCAP, BMI, SECAC—they’re underpaying you, TBH.

LESSON VI: Neighboring rights and SoundExchange
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood when you can collect all you’re owed.

LESSON VII: How does sync licensing work?
Learn how to get in sync with music supervisors so they buy, buy, buy.

LESSON VIII: Answering your copyright questions
Tony wraps up the course material and shares five ways to start generating more income with your music.

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