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Cover design samples

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Design Studio samples: Chaz DeFranco, The Deplorables, Shawn Skrzek
Design Studio samples: Sign of the Times, DUB, Gypsy Trail
Design Studio samples: Kyle Spotted Elk, Fuel, Kenley Young
Design Studio samples: Jared Johnson, Ashley Getz, The Breaks
Design Studio samples: Jack Novotny Quintet, Joel Garza, Granny Rocks
Design Studio samples: Jack Novotny Trio, Fred Hersch, The Fitzpatricks
Design Studio samples: Julie K, Jettisoned, El Toque Latino Orchestra
Design Studio samples: Jeanné Giddens, Negleatha Johnson, Joey Evans
Chaz DeFranco
The Deplorables
Shawn Skrzek
Sign of the Times
Gypsy Trail
El Toque Latino Orchestra
Jack Novotny Quintet
Joey Evans

Custom logos

Lavender Yoga

New Jersey based
yoga studio

Gypsy Trail

Acoustic Folk
Blues trio

Goldfox Records

Independent record label featuring
contemporary jazz releases

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